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September 18, 2017

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A pen, a journal and a safari 911 ...

August 25, 2016




If I may and though it is probably old helmet to you, thought I might send forth a quick congratulatory note on what I see as why you are successfully garnering accolades and patrons from far and wide for a spectacular TejasTreffen event...although I was birth'd in the land called Tejas to thankfully making it past the wee lad stage in Houston, and then back again when in formative years of High School, your home (if not my former one) has always had much to offer and thusly, good pull...









What I remember most in my youth, where the larger than life characters and their taller than tall Tejas tales, going to galleries and museums galore that were dotted in the midst of smarting architecture which were part of the wild west of building booms to busts, and spending many a Friday/Saturday later afternoons to well past midnight, putting paw prints on the Porsche dealership windows, if not on the occasion getting a word in edge wise with a salesman or mechanic that was good enough to give the troublesome lad, time of day...in all, cars, characters and art variants thrown into a melting pot called Houston!





Fast forward 30 plus years on and a number of us are still enjoying project mayhem by getting to be a member of numerous ill behaving car clubs and gatherings, as well as having in the stables, several much sought after P cars from our youth tossed in (I'm lucky to have for now, the flogger 1984 Type 930, the rather quickened 1973 dust collecting RSR 'build' being turned into a streetrod so I'll drive the bloody thing, and the 911 Rallye car I'll be shepherding over to the TejasTreffen that will most certainly be the demise of any kind of government issued licensure on my person)...thankfully in tangent for those that get what continues to make Houston great, your grouping of well intention'ed [outlaw] auto nutters have banded together to collide the favored bits of life - vile autos of the Porsche kind, with the favored fast moving art world of Houston that has garnered national recognition...






So rather looking forward to having a go at the street art tour [hopefully upon at least one muck filled SLIDEways piloting roadway] come the morning of, to seeing some hopped up custom Porsches that will be interluding with smart art, and of course connecting with the cast of characters involved! Thanks again for you and your team's applied acumen in making this happen! November can't come soon enough!


Much Cheer, Jim!"





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